The primary mission of the Tompkins County Industrial Development Agency (TCIDA) is to offer economic incentives to Tompkins County businesses in order to create and retain quality employment opportunities and strengthen the local tax base. The TCIDA targets the industrial sector and will only consider other sectors if certain criteria are met.

In general, the TCIDA avoids offering incentives to businesses that will compete with or displace existing Tompkins County businesses. It prefers to assist those businesses that have a market for products or services extending beyond Tompkins County including “back office” operations and regional or national headquarters.

Industrial Application

The following are two unique programs the TCIDA offers to encourage smart growth and high density development:


City of Ithaca Community Investment Incentive Tax Abatement Program (CIITAP)

The objective of CIITAP is to encourage development in the City that will increase jobs, increase the tax base, promote density in the city core, encourage rehabilitation and redevelopment of underutilized sites, and help create a vibrant downtown center.  Specifically, the goals as stated in the Tompkins County Comprehensive Plan are as follows:
  • Strengthen and enhance the City of Ithaca’s downtown area as the urban center of the county.
  • Increase the amount and density of housing and business space in the central business districts throughout the County.
  • Promote greater density by encouraging development of existing ‘gaps’ left by abandoned buildings and vacant parcels.

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Lansing Town Center Incentive Program

Lansing Town Center Incentive Program – The Town of Lansing Comprehensive Plan identifies goals and objectives around creating a vibrant Town Center where higher density housing, commercial services catering to the needs of local residents, and recreational opportunities are established that increase the tax base and create a sense of community in Lansing.